The Dandelion

I feature a picture of a dandelion on my website and social pages. In fact, when I first started my content writing business, before I had my logo designed, I used it as a pseudo logo. 

I took the picture on my phone. My daughter handed me a dandelion head to blow and make a wish. After several blows (I might need to get my lung capacity checked), I was left with one remaining spore, precariously balancing as if deciding whether to take the leap into the unknown or stay where it was — happy in the comfort it had always known.

As I looked at the seed clinging to its safe harbour, it struck me that we were similar. I too was anxious to let go of what I had always known, scared of where that first step may lead. 

But knowing that nothing changes without taking a chance, I took a deep breath, exhaled, and launched the seed into the great unknown. And with that breath, my content writing journey began. And I haven’t looked back.

Can I help you with your journey?

Nothing changes without taking a chance