So, how much do I charge?

Well, it depends.

“Ugh” – I see that eye roll you just did. I understand how frustrating it is when you just want to know how much you’re going to be out of pocket, and someone replies with: “It depends.”

Just as each job is different, the behind the scenes work you don’t see differs. Here are some examples of what factors into the price.

Briefing and discussion time

The amount of detail you provide in your brief and the size of the project impacts the price. A 400 word blog will not require as much briefing and discussion time as a website project.

Amount of research required 

Will you be conducting all the research and then passing it on to me to write? Or would you like me to look after the research?

SEO keyword research 

Will you provide your keyword phrase and list of synonyms, or would you like me to research for you?

Whatever you’re after, we’ll discuss what you need and what’s involved so I can tailor a quote specific to your project. Hiring a professional writer is a small investment for quality, consistency and peace of mind. You can relax when you work with me, knowing I have your back. I’m here to help.

These are only some of my services. Please contact me to discuss how I can help you with your content requirements.

400 word blog from $190

800 word blog from $280

Web copy  – based on project requirements

Newsletters, flyers and other marketing material – dependant on project requirements

Number of amends

A specified number of revisions are included in each project costing. Additional revisions will be charged based on the rate agreed to in the project terms and conditions.

Want to see some examples of my work?

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