How Can a Content Writer Help Your Business Find Its Tone of Voice? 

Think about the businesses or brands you interact with regularly. What’s their communication style? Are they friendly and personable, or serious and to the point? How do you feel when you interact with their content? Do they communicate in a way you expect them to? 

The tone of voice a business uses plays a significant role in how customers and potential customers view them. That’s why you need to find your business’s unique tone of voice and use it in all your communications—from website copy to blog posts to social media captions and even internal communication. 

So, what is tone of voice in business communication? 

Tone of voice refers to the overall feeling your business content conveys. It should be consistent across all platforms and align with your brand identity. A well-defined tone of voice will help you build trust and credibility with your target audience and differentiate you from your competitors.

How can a content writer help you find your tone of voice? 

As a business owner, you already have enough on your plate, juggling all the balls and keeping your business afloat. When there aren’t enough hours in the day, and you feel you don’t have enough hands to keep all the balls in the air, how can you ensure your business communication and tone of voice are on point? 

That’s where a content writer can help you. A content writer will work with you to find your tone of voice by helping you to:

  • understand your target audience
  • define your positioning statement
  • clarify your product/service features and benefits
  • generate a customer avatar
  • establish brand, tone and writing guides.

From there, they can craft copy that accurately reflects your unique personality and ensure your business communication is consistent. 

Your business’s tone of voice is an essential part of its brand identity—and it’s something that should be carefully crafted and maintained over time.

If you’re unsure where to start or how to keep things consistent, it’s worth looking into working with a content writer to help ensure your content accurately reflects your brand.

Need help nailing your tone of voice? 

Get in touch to schedule a free discovery chat. In this 20-minute call, we’ll discuss what you need and see how I can help you.

If you decide you’d like to work with me, I’ll send you a document for you to complete before we have our briefing call. We’ll talk through the document in our call to ensure I understand your business. Then I’ll get to work. I’ll check in with you throughout the process to ensure I’m on the right track and you’re happy.

It’s a bit of a time investment upfront that could save you hours in the long run and help build your brand credibility.

Drop me an email at if you’d like to learn more.

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